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Five Ways to Put “Happy” Back into the Holidays

Five Ways to Put “Happy” Back into the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful, which is why we often have to work extra hard to make this time of year as beautiful as it should be. With the pressure to give the right gift or find the perfect outfit, we can often lose sight of what’s really important - spreading love, being compassionate and showing kindness to the people around us. So let’s each take some time to practice mindfulness this holiday season with a few tips from our very own Ling.

1. Waiting in long lines, running around looking for the perfect gift, and trying to please everyone during the holidays can turn anyone into a Scrooge. But instead of letting your mind turn negative, try to show some compassion and remember that other people have things going on in their lives that may be difficult. Look for opportunities to be kind, even if it’s just going out of your way to open the door for someone who’s struggling with arms full of shopping bags.

2. Take some time to reflect on the people who really matter to you. Meditation is the most powerful way to practice mindfulness, but for some people, it can be difficult to find clarity. So instead, take a few minutes in the morning or evening to think about a person who makes a difference in your life. Get comfortable, close your eyes and focus on just one person and how they make you happy. The few minutes you spend each day being appreciative of the people around you will give you a better, more positive outlook on the season.


3. Instead of writing holidays cards with the same generic greeting, use the opportunity to tell each recipient why you appreciate them. With so much gift giving this time of year, taking some time to let a person know how much they mean to you will put a smile on the faces of those you love, which beats a new sweater or the latest gadget any day.

4. Use holidays as a time to show appreciation to those you work with. Remind your boss how much it meant to you when they supported you on a big project, or give someone your junior a pat on the back for a job well done during the year. Spreading a little love around the office can go a long way.

5. Our family members are the people we love the most, but sometimes we forget to show them how much they really mean to us. So put down the phones, forget the social media, and use your time together to have meaningful conversations. It’s not too often that we get the opportunity to slow down and take time away from our busy lives, so let’s enjoy each other’s company and make it meaningful.

Feeling beautiful is much more about how you feel on the inside than what you look like on the outside. With a little positivity and some compassion, we can all do our part in spreading lots of love this season, and all throughout the new year.


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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