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Choosing the Right Facial Esthetician

Choosing the Right Facial Esthetician

While many people think that a facial treatment is a luxury experience, what they don’t realize is that a facial is actually a key component of skin health and maintenance. We all want to look and feel our best, and while that’s important, so too is providing the biggest organ in our body with everything it needs to fight back against the external factors that do it damage it every day.


If you’ve never had a facial before, you might be worried because you’re not sure what to expect. And then, of course, there is the person that you’re trusting your face with. How do you know that they’ll do a good job? What questions should you ask and what signs should you look out for?


Just like when you search for a doctor, you want to be sure that your facial esthetician is a person who makes you feel comfortable, explains what to expect before, during and after the treatment, and you want to make sure you’re getting great results. So how do you choose the best from the rest? We asked celebrity facialist and LING Skin Care owner, Ling Chan, to give us the lowdown.


Americans have a different outlook on skin care than Europeans or Asians do. For many women in the U.S., a facial is a luxury - something they do once or twice a year when they are experiencing a flare up or strange change in their skin. Europeans on the other hand, look at skin care the same way that they look at haircuts - as part of a regular maintenance program to make sure their skin is at its optimum health. Asian women are even more stringent, scheduling weekly facials to ensure they’re protected from the elements and are doing everything possible to stay youthful and radiant looking.


Think about a facial like you would think about the gym. If you work out a few times a year, you can’t expect that you’ll lose weight or get fit. But if you find a trainer who can give you a customized routine that you follow regularly, you’ll soon see a positive change in your body. Skin care works in the same way. With a regular routine and the right expert to give you a personalized program, you will get a wonderful result. The key is finding the right coach who can give you a program to meet your needs.


When you enter a spa or skin care clinic for the first time, a telltale sign that you’re in the right environment is if you are given a form that asks you specific questions about your lifestyle and skincare routine. The purpose of this questionnaire is to educate your esthetician about your personal concerns and habits so she can create a customized experience to address your unique needs. Some of the questions you should be asked are:

  1. Do you smoke?

  2. How much sun do you get?

  3. How often do you travel?

  4. What medications are you on?

  5. Do you have any allergies?

  6. How much sleep do you get?

  7. What is in your current skincare routine?


If you visit a spa for the first time and you’re not asked these questions, there is a problem. A facial is a highly personalized experience and if your esthetician does not ask about your unique habits and concerns, you’re bound to get a generic treatment that may cause more harm than good. Just like a professional trainer, an expert esthetician will want to know everything about you so they can do their part in delivering the results you’re looking for.


Once you have arrived in the treatment room, there are several steps you should expect as part of your facial. Firstly, your esthetician should ask whether you want her to explain each part of the treatment and the products she is using as the steps are being performed, or if you’d rather relax during the treatment and learn more once the facial is over. Once the preferred method of communication has been decided, the treatment will begin.


A professional esthetician will include these steps in the facial treatment:

  1. A thorough cleanse to get rid of makeup, dirt, and impurities

  2. A single or multi-step exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin cells and help new cells come to the surface

  3. An invigorating facial massage to increase circulation as well as a neck, shoulder and/or foot massage to help you relax

  4. A peel to help bring any deep down impurities to the surface

  5. Extractions to remove all the impurities from the pores. If you have a facial without extractions, you’re just bringing all the dirt and oil to the surface but not removing it, which will cause breakouts.

  6. A mask to calm and heal the skin after its workout!

  7. A nourishing infusion treatment with serum to target your specific skin care concerns such as acne, redness, wrinkles, sun damage and more

  8. A final layer of moisturizing protection to lock in all the nutrients and to help protect your fresh new skin from the external environment


While these steps are being performed, there are a few things that you can think about during the treatment:

  1. Did the cleansing and exfoliation feel thorough without being dry or irritating?

  2. Is the massage technique firm and confident?

  3. Do the touch techniques feel even and comfortable?

  4. Are the extractions thorough without being too pinchy or painful?

  5. Does the skin feel plump, hydrated and healthy?


Once your facial is over, there is still one more thing you should expect from your esthetician, which is a customized at-home routine to help you maintain your skin until your next treatment. Your trainer can’t be at the gym with you all the time, so he has to provide you with a routine to ensure you’re giving your body a proper workout so you can achieve your goals. A good esthetician will provide you with knowledge and product recommendations to target your specific concerns and guide you on how to take care of your skin at home so you’ll be able to achieve the best possible results.


Are you a facial first timer? What questions do you have about what to expect? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or send Ling an email to

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